Wallet setup for Beginners
This is a step by step guide for beginners. If you are a more advanced user you may check this guide instead.
As a first step, you have to set up a wallet to interact with the platform.
There are several options available, but to keep it simple for you, we are going to focus on the use of a web3 wallet like Nifty.
First, you have to install it, if you haven't done it yet. Look for Nifty wallet in the chrome web store, and add it to chrome. It will begin the download, then it will tell you that the extension is added. In case it is not displayed in the extension bar, click the extension icon and pin it.
Click on the icon located at the right of the address bar. The first time it will ask you to accept the Terms of Use and give you the option to create or import a wallet, choose to create one setting a password, and clicking the Create button.
It will show your seed phrase, read carefully the message in red "These 12 words are the only way to restore your Nifty Wallet accounts. Save them somewhere safe and secret." Write them down on paper with a pen and make a copy.
Well done, now you are the owner of an empty wallet, but before loading it, let's configure it.
Click on the wallet icon on the top left corner and select RSK.
Now you are ready for the next step, get some rBTC sats.
Last modified 4mo ago
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