Configuring the wallet

It is time to configure the wallet. This procedure will require your attention for a few minutes, so find a quiet place and a pen to write the recovery phrase (24 words). You can use the cards that come with the Trezor.

In these steps you must do the following:

  • record the recovery phrase in a handwritten form with a pen (never digitally)

  • set the PIN to unlock the device (similar to how you do it with your phone)

First of all, it will be required to install the latest version of the firmware in your device, click Install Firmware to continue.

After Firmware installation is ready, you will be asked to create a new wallet or recover one. Click on Create new wallet to continue.

Now that the wallet is created, the app will ask you to create a backup. Please click on Create Backup to proceed.

But before creating the backup you will have to check the 3 boxes with important information about it.

Your Trezor device will give you one by one the 24 words seed phrase that you need to write down on a piece of paper o the cards that come with it. Then to set up a PIN click on Continue to PIN.

Follow instructions to set the PIN and click Continue.

With the backup and PIN set, you are ready to activate the coins you want. In order to be able to connect to Money On Chain web app you need to activate Ethereum.

Although it is not needed, you can also configure at this stage a connection to TOR to enhance the security.

After this step the setup of your device is complete.

On this screen, you can also edit the name of your device or click on Access Suite.

Finally, you l be prompted to select if you want a standard wallet or if you want to hide it with a passphrase.

Now you are ready to connect to the web app.

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