Getting rBTC with LNp2pbot

Here you will see the step-by-step to exchange LN sats and rBTC with the Telegram bot lnp2pbot in the Rootstockers Paydece community.

Here you will see the step-by-step to exchange LN sats and rBTC with the Telegram bot lnp2pbot in the Rootstockers Paydece community.

To exchange Bitcoin LN⚡ and rBTC from Rootstock directly from the Rootstock community.

RootstockersBTC on Telegram, follow these steps:

Click on the link provided to join the RootstockersBTC community on Telegram: RootstockersPayDece.

Once you have joined the community, search for the @lnp2pbot bot in the Telegram search bar and select to start a conversation with it.

  1. Start a conversation with the bot by typing "/start" to begin the order creation process.

  2. The bot will provide you with options to choose what type of order you want to create, such as buying or selling Bitcoin LN⚡ or rBTC from Rootstock.

  3. Select the option you want (buy or sell) and follow the bot's instructions to enter the quantity and price according to your preferences.

  4. Provide additional required details, such as payment method or location for the exchange, as directed by the bot.

  5. Once you have completed all the steps, the bot will show you a summary of the order you are about to create.

  6. Review the information to make sure everything is correct and confirm the order if you are satisfied with the details.

  7. The bot will process your order and provide you with additional details on how to proceed, such as contacting the seller/buyer and finalizing the transaction.

  8. Once you have completed all the steps and confirmed the order, please note that orders are created within the RootstockersBTC community. However, the offer will automatically be published on the P2PbtcLNrbtc Telegram channel. This ensures that your offer is visible to other community members interested in exchanging Bitcoin LN⚡ and RBTC from Rootstock🟠.

With these steps, you will be able to create orders between Bitcoin LN⚡ and Rootstock RBTC directly from the RootstockersBTC community on Telegram using the @lnp2pbot bot.

It is important to note that the exchange in the RootstockersBTC community is 1 to 1, which means that 1 satoshi on Lightning Network (LN) is equivalent to 1 satoshi on the Rootstock chain (RBTC). This direct relationship guarantees an exact equivalence between both cryptocurrencies during exchange within the community.

These are the formulas to generate an order correctly within the general RootstockersBTC community chat:

To buy:

/buy 10000 10000 10000 sat "Rootstock network on rsats".

To sell:

/sell 10000 10000 10000 sat "Rootstock network in rsats".

These formulas are used to indicate the desired amount of Bitcoin LN⚡ or RBTC from Rootstock, the price per unit in satoshis, and the description of the offer, which in this case is "Rootstock network in rsats". By sending these commands in the general community chat, a buy or sell order will be created accordingly.

Ready to go! You can now generate and take orders in the Rootstockers community with the lnp2p bot.

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