Logging in to the platform

Go to RIF On Chain platform https://dapp.rifonchain.com/

You will be prompted with rLogin to select the wallet of your choice, in this case, Ledger. Otherwise, click Connect button in the up right corner of the web app.

Once you click the Trezor button, you will have to choose the network, make sure that RSK Mainnet is displayed and click Choose.

Then you will be presented with a list of addresses showing the corresponding balance, and a specific path. Select the address of your choice and click Confirm.

Finally confirm the selected address, network, and derivation path. Click Confirm and the Trezor will ask you to sign a message.

If you do not want to be asked every time you connect, you can click "Don't show again".

Once the signature is confirmed on the device, you will have entered the platform.

Disconnect the Trezor if not in use.

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