Using RIF on Chain dApp

This guide covers the process using Rif On Chain dapp

The RIF on Chain dApp provides a user-friendly interface for migrating your RDOC balance to USDRIF. Following are the 8 steps to complete the migration:

1. Press the “Swap Now” button to start the process

2. After you press the Swap Now button, a confirmation message will pop up. Press “Confirm” to proceed.

3. A confirmation message will pop up displaying the exchange balances. Press “Exchange” to proceed.

4. A message will display to ask you to authorize the transaction allowance via your wallet.

5. Set a spending cap. Then press “Next” to continue and approve the transaction.

6. A message will pop up to inform you that the migration is in progress. Confirm the transaction.

7. A confirmation message will be displayed to inform you that the claiming process has been successfully completed.

8. You can close out the message. In your wallet, your RDOC balance should be swapped for USDRIF. In this example, the 5 RDOC tokens are now 5 USDRIF tokens.

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